Loud Congregational Dhikr Majlis In Masjid By Deobandi Ulama

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In England we have graduates from Darul Uloom Bury, which as you are no doubt aware, a leading Deobandi Darul Uloom, producing many capable scholars.

Their students either participate in, or lead loud congregational Dhikr Majlis in unison in the Masjid. This consists of either Khatme Khawajan or congregational Dhikr of the Kalimas & Durood Sharif.

On Thursdays one person reads 40 Durood after Maghrib and the rest listen.

To the layman it is inconceivable that graduates from this Darul Uloom would be involved in bid’ah and leading the masses astray.

Surely they must have Shar’i proofs for their actions?

What if their rationale is that they don’t consider such gatherings necessary, i.e. Sunnah, Mustahab etc?

Why then would it not be permissible, particularly if it takes the youth of the street and encourages them to do Dhikr? (I am just trying to think of the arguments from their perspective).

Some will argue that these Dhikr Majlis’ do not inherently intend or promote badness, so what is the problem?

Yes, there is the issue that people do participate in these Majalis “to get a buzz,” which is not the purpose of Dhikr. However, aside from this, many will argue that it acts as encouragement for people to (a) come to the Masjid & (b) perform Dhikr.

Is Taleem and Targheeb the way to encourage people to do Dhikr? Is there any other method that the Shari’ah advocates?

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Asked on September 23, 2015 7:19 am
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Shariat is not based upon logic. rationale or reason to legalise something that is not proven.
Ask the Ulema and Darul Uloom to provide valid Shaari proofs for their actions. Using the very same reasons which you state and there are more along those lines, then urs, meleed, salami and a host of other non-proven activities must be allowed.
As for 40 Duroods and Thursday see Fatawa Mahmoodiya. Sadly so called ‘Deobandis’ are slowly moving away from the ‘maslack’ (tact) of the original founding members. Allaah save us.

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Answered on October 1, 2015 6:07 pm