Listening to the jummah khutbah on radio

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I would like to find out the ruling concerning whether istimaa’ is necessary for women when listening to the jummah khutbah over the radio. It has become the norm for “Islamic” radio stations to play the jummah khutbah, sometimes for more than an hour. Generally the womenfolk are engaged in cooking and don’t pay much attention to it.

1. Would the normal laws of listening to a khutbah apply here?

2. Would it make a difference whether the khutba is played before zawaal or after?
3. Do menfolk also have to listen attentively? What if they have already performed jummah?

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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The purpose of the Friday Khutba is listen to that particular Khatib of that Masjid which you are physically attending. That is why it is 'Sunnat' to face that Khatib of that Masjid which you are attending who is in front of you and to give the Khutbah and to listen to it is also Waajib for those in attendance. See 'Mirqaat' commentary of 'Nurul Ezza' and 'Baidai Sanai'. Thus the question before Zawwal for the far-away listener will not apply nor the necessity to listen for the non- attending one.

What will the listener do if conservetively the Khutbas of Makkah, Madinah , Al - Aqsa, Deoband, Al- Azhar are relayed via mordern transmission ? Must one listen attentively as in jurisprudic 'Waajib'? This is not logically possible or practical.
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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am