Laughing at kufr unintentionally – part 2


As a follow on from my last question,

1) If a person unintentionally laughs at kufr on TV (through hearing a character blaspheme by swearing at God, religion etc.) is that also considered kufr? For example, if a TV character says “Holy ****”, or “God****” and you unintentionally laugh at that (meaning you didn’t mean to, but laughter came out because the TV show was supposed to be comedic) is that kufr?

2) or whenever you think about that same incident on TV later, you cannot control your laughter and you laugh/smile whenever that incident comes to your mind, is that also kufr?

Also, whenever reciting Quran and the words Allah, or Rasul come up, I feel I have to imagine the Arabic letters for Allah or RasulAllah (SAW) otherwise I am ascribing Godhood or Prophethood on whatever I am imagining. OR if the city of Makkah is Mentioned, I have to imagine the Ka’bah.

Sometimes if I dont’t do this, the image of the French/Danish cartoons of the Prophet (SAW) come in my mind as I am talking about him, or an imaginary image of Allah comes in my mind as I recite His Name. I feel then that these blaspehemous images are what I was referring to when I say “Allah” or “RasulAllah”. 3) Is this considered shirk/kufr?

4)Is is required that I imagine that Arabic letters or correct images of what is being mentioned?

5) If not, what else can I imagine when I think of these things? Are any mental images allowed?

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