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Is Mufti A.H ELias Sahib aware of the ‘Laudium 2017’ ‘Pre-Itjima Ladies Program’?

According to the poster the program consisted of the following for ladies at the ijtima site:

11:30 – Yaseen Khatam
12:00 – Nasihah/ Dhikr
12:30 – Talk & Dua
13:00 – Zuhr & Lunch

Is this permissible? Please comment.

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Asked on April 11, 2017 9:17 pm
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This is not the way of the elders or seniors.
However, the Tabligh Jamaat is slowly slowly veering from the path of Haqq as all are fully aware of the corruption over leadership, power, fame and money has set in.

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Answered on April 30, 2017 3:56 pm