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A female Member of Parliament (MP) by the name of Jo Cox was killed. A “Muslim” by the name of Akooji Badat produced “a little something for Jo” as he calls it on YouTube. He sang the following song:

“Goodbye Jo. It’s time to go. It’s time to part our separate ways. You’re being waited by the heavens above the skies. You’re the best thing to ever happen to our Batley. You’re the MP that will never ever be replaceable. You will always be in our hearts. You were the star of our Batley. You did all you could. You did the best you could. You were the best star. You were the wonder of the Britain, the superstar. We will miss you. You’re waited by those above in the skies, above in the heavens. The Angels in the heavens are waiting for you Jo.”

In another YouTube video he says there is a music version of the song that he sang, which he has nothing to do with.

He then goes on to say according to my religion we can sing anything. It’s called a Nasheed, so long there is no music in it. He admits that the music version of his song which he sang does “sound quite nice” (condoning sin).

In addition he says Jo Cox was a wonderful lady.

He then says he met an Asian lad who asked him how can Jo Cox go to heaven if she is Christian.

He replied to the boy:

“God Almighty is the most merciful. He sends people to heaven at his discretion & at his will. Doesn’t matter whether you are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Atheist, Jewish or whatever religion.”

“All the holy books teach all good things. We are all going to heaven. God is very merciful.”

He goes on that “Jo is a very heavenly person” and claims that he told her that you were our mother, sister & daughter.

He then sings another tribute song.

Akooji Badat defends himself saying that he believed she died with Imaan because she would say words like Assalamu’alaykum & InshaAllah and was happy for him to call her a Muslim.

He does NOT claim she recited Kalima or expressed her Islam. She did not have a Muslim funeral and nor did she dress as a Muslim. It is patently clear that she was not Muslim, no matter in which dubious way Mr Badar tries to twist it

Is any of his aforementioned statements kufr? If so, please explain your answer.

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Asked on July 27, 2016 2:28 am
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Rulings are given on the external.
No one knows what’s another persons heart.
Thus, what Akooji Badat is uttering is total drivel of the highest order.
‘We are all going to heaven’ is wrong.
This person has left the fold of Islaam.
He must re-enter. His Nikah has broken.
If he stays in this state, he will not be entitled to any inheritance.

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Answered on August 1, 2016 2:42 pm