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Question 3

I took 2 brothers in Jamat (one was an Alim) to meet an Alim that was unwell.

During conversation of the brothers (the one that was not an Alim) made a joke stating that the Molvi that was with him had opened his own pub (i.e. a building that was a pub but now a Masjid) and therefore he could not do Imamat elsewhere.

All 3 laughed. I restrained myself to a courteous smile as one of the Molvis looked at me. I didn’t know how else to react. In my heart, I thought, what a stupid joke to make. That’s why I don’t like mixing with people.

Would this smiling on my part constitute kufr?

Question 4

I was at work correcting a Microsoft Word document. As you will know Microsoft underlines certain errors in green. As I corrected an error a thought automatically came to mind, which was: if the green underline has not disappeared after this correction, I am a kafir. Simultaneously I tried vigorously to combat this thought, which I successfully did.

The error in the document did not disappear. So I corrected the document again and the green underline did disappear briefly at which point, I thought: “Now I am certain it is correct as the green line has disappeared. If not, I am kafir.” This lasted a few seconds. I did NOT utter this statement and would never dream of doing so.

At this point, however, the green underlined word re-appeared and fear gripped my heart.

For fear of a finding of kufr and also because the incident happened so fast I am unable to honestly and objectively decipher whether that second thought was deliberate or not.

Would this be kufr?

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Asked on November 14, 2015 8:21 pm
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3) No.
4) No.

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Answered on November 25, 2015 10:50 am