Kufr Out of Ignorance And Legitimacy of Nikaah etc.

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Recently I have been remembering sins I have done in the past & need few clarifications.

– I remembered listening to a song in the mid 90s when I was about 15 or 16. The song had words of kufr in it. I knew the singer was talking about the Christian concept of God which I did NOT belive in. I have sinned by listening to it, but now I wonder If I ever sung it out loud absent-mindedly resulting in kufr. I have no way to confirm this because it was long ago. I repent now.

– I knew about hadith regarding 40 salah not being accepted if one visits fortuneteller but didnt know that believing it is shirk (didnt figure out implication). 10 years ago, I went to a palmist & also bought a book on palmistry. I am not sure if I went to him & bought the book out of curiosity or belief. Also, In younger days (cannot confirm before this incident or after) I may have thought that Allah put man’s taqdeer in lines of palm and palm readers have some God given ilm to read that, while NOT believing that these people have some divine way of knowing by themselves. I must have heard this as a child and cannot be sure. I do know that If I knew believing all this was straightforward shirk, I would not have done it. I dont belive in any of this for a while now (not sure since when)and have repented.

– Years ago I went to Philippines with my boss where we went to a restaurant & he ordered chicken which was not halal. I was hesitant but upon insistence & social pressure, I ate it. Before & since then I avoid Haram while travelling. Knowing now that rejecting a partof Islam results in kufr has me wondering if I rejected that eating haram chicken was unlawful.

All this happened before my nikah 5 years ago

1. Did any of above make me a kaafir
2. Can one become kaafir & not know it for years because he didnt intend it, all the while thinking he is a muslim
3. If yes, was my nikah invalid
4. If yes, are my kids illegitimate
5. If yes, am I doomed? I cannot enjoy my kids coz of these thoughts.

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Asked on November 21, 2015 8:43 pm
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1) No. Although all close to Kufr.
2) Yes.
3) See answer (1) – Nikaah valid.
4) See answer (1) – Kids legitimate.
5) You are not a Kaafir. Yes you committed Major Sins. Repent. Be positive. Move on with life.

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Answered on December 2, 2015 10:29 pm