Statements that could lead to Kufr

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Assalam o alikum. I cant say i am a good muslim but i can say that i love Allah and Rasool saw. i am neglecting prayers these days and i feel bad and ashamed to do this. i have been facing several waswasa about Islam and prophets which makes me depressed and afraid of Allah. I dont
I have an addiction of masturbating.Today when i was masturbating i was afraid if any bad waswasa come in my mind. I try to pressure my mind not to take my mind to any bad waswasa about Islam or prophets. The more I try to ignore waswasa the more my mind focuses on bad thoughts about Islam or prophet.
So today while masturbating such a bad statement came to my mind about Prophet saw. And the moment that bad thought came to my mind i stopped masturbating. I did not think about such bad thought myself. It just appears itself in my mind because i try to stress my mind to avoid such bad thoughts.
Please note tht i am a married woman.please guide me and tell me that if i am considered out of Islam? But these waswasas are not thought by me. These thoughts make me depressed and make me fear of Allah more. I love Islam. Please answer me if i have done kufr or not?

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Asked on February 10, 2016 4:34 pm
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Although it is NOT Kufr. But can lead to Kufr very easily.
Stop your evil action. Take spiritual guidance. Avoid looking at evil things and keeping bad company.

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Answered on March 14, 2016 4:21 pm