Believing haram to be halaal

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A married person used to watch porn and also got his wife involved in watching as well. He regrets his sin and makes tauba for watching himself and getting his wife involved in sin as well as he realizes that he will be sharing her sin as well.
Now,looking back, he remembers that he would have said things like ‘it’s okay’ when his wife would have tried to stop him from watching. He is not exactly sure of what words he would have used. Now he realizes that believing a haraam act to be halal is kufr, he wonders if he thought watching porn was halal at that time. He wonders if that has made him a kaafir.
Q1. When it is said, that a person has committed kufr by believing haraam to be halal, what is the definition of belief? Does it mean belief with conviction or does it even apply if a person commits an act because of indifference. This person probably said it’s okay because of indifference.
Q2. In the above scenario the person believes that if somebody had asked him if porn was halal and to swear by Allah on his statement, he would have said it’s not halal. His saying okay was probably a way to get his wife to watch with him with an ill conceived idea of repenting later. He now wants to know if he committed kufr and needs to repeat Nikah?
Q3.If a person goes out of the fold of Islam, and he doesn’t realize it for a long time, does he become a Muslim again by saying Shahada quietly as part of the Salah without having explicitly made tauba for that act that took him out of Islam?
Q4. If a person does something that takes him out of Islam without him realizing it, and then he gets married after a while thinking himself to be a Muslim, and has kids and only later realizes that that act nullified his Islam, and the Nikah was probably invalid, are his kids legitimate?
Q5. The same person has become more observant but keeps remembering actions in the past that may have resulted in kufr. This causes lots of anxiety and waswasa regarding state of emaan, Nikah and legitimacy of kids? Should he ignore these thoughts after having made a genuine tauba of being lax towards religion in the past?

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Asked on April 15, 2017 4:05 pm
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1) To believe means to accept with conviction without a shadow of doubt or the heart concerning a matter.
2) This person remains a Muslim.
3) He must make Taubah and a lot of Istikhfaar. He must not think of the past but look positively forward.
4) He should not let this invalidate his Imaan or Nikah
5) He must not become a toy in the snare of Satan.

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Answered on April 30, 2017 3:54 pm