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If a brother emails a question regarding kufr to eight reliable maulanas/muftis.

At first five of them reply. Three say its not kufr and two say its kufr.
The brother then is in two minds and thinks to himself that he should/going to renew his faith
and then thinks to himself that he wont renew his faith.
He then speaks to a local maulana who says its not kufr. So the brother decides that there
is no need to renew his faith. As he felt more comfortable speaking and following the local maulanas fatwa.

And then he gets a response by the the other two muftis/maulanas,
who are also from the locality and reliable. And these two muftis/maulanas
also say that its not kufr.

The brother then decided that there is no need to renew his faith beacuse he felt more comfortable going with local muftis/maulanas ruling and decided to follow the local muftis/ maulanas who have said its not kufr.

Also he feels more comfortable sticking with the majority (6 out of 8) who have said he has not committed kufr.

The brother has decided not to renew his faith and nikkah. is this ok?


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Asked on February 17, 2014 4:22 pm
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Place your confidence in ONE Mufti and adhere to his rulings.

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