Purity 2

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Part 2
2 how should a person wash himself after doing istinja on a HARD FLOOR?
(1 should he rub his private part with his hand after doing urine OR simply pouring water will suffice?
2 how should he sit when urinating and passing stool faeces and WHEN WASHING HIMSELF?
3 after passing stool faeces should he wash from the front or the back?
4 should he wash his testicles when washing himself?
5 how should he deal with splashes as in my country there is only a hard floor?
6 can he follow one opinion of the maliki madhab which says impurities no matter how much it is are forgiven and not wash himself to avoid the difficulty of splashback?)
3if spit comes out LIGHT RED is this napaak and will it break wudhu?
if spit comes out YELLOW is this napaak?
4how should you wash your bleeding nose or mouth on a hard floor OR sink?
5because the sink is hard splash back will occur when washing is this clean?
(1 how should you avoid it?)

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Asked on July 6, 2015 5:54 pm
Private answer

1) Washing means not only pouring water.
2) Best to squat
3) In summer the hand movement should be from back to front and opposite in winter.
4) Yes if the impurity is on it.
5) Put toilet tissue so one does not have backsplash.
6) No
7) Yes – Yellow not na-paak
8) Wash/flush until clear water comes out.
9) Put tissue as (5)

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Answered on July 8, 2015 1:00 pm