Interpretation of Istikharah dreams

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Assalamu Alaikum

I have made istikharah to change my madrasah (I am doing alim class). I made istikharah to leave madrasah and go to another madrasah (3 options). I had the following dreams on the second night. Please tell me if it is positive or negative to leave this madrassah i am in.
1. Wearing my topi but it was not pure (so i thought), so i said i will just wash my hair in the wudhu khana of the masjid.
2. building materials outside our house and in the street. Some workers paid others not. My father didnt make one man sign for his money but said he was OK.
3. People walking in our backyard. I dont know them. One was an African others i cant remember.
4. We felt sorry some workers didnt come back. I cant remember exactly what it was that they didnt come back but something to do with Islam.
5.My mother in neighbours yard calling to me to tell her of my positive dream.
6.Father and mother exchanging letters (there was a problem between my parents recently) and one of thge lady workers overhearing. My father said he was sure she must have read the letters and the car and her eyes were on the letters.
7. Going for fajr and thinking it was 6:15 we were late (so I told mother please take heater from my room) but it was only six (so i said i will bring the heater).

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Asked on July 11, 2017 8:48 am
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Do not change Madrassah.

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Answered on July 21, 2017 12:32 pm