Istikhara dreams

I made istikhara to see whether it is good for me to get back with my ex husband or whether i should forget about him and move on and what to do with my life. He did not treat me fairly in our marriage and made it clear that he would never want me back. There is no communication between us at all. Over time i believe people can realise their mistakes. I had the following dreams.
1. A tailor gave me a white package. I did not open it, but I knew there were clothes in it.
2. I picked up 4 gold bangles from the floor in my bedroom and placed them next to my bed. I had obviously dropped them at night whilst asleep. Two of the bangles were black/grey but still made of gold . They were a set of pretty bangles.
3. I was with a lady i know, then a lady who takes care of children placed a sweet little girl in her car seat next to me. The other lady knew her.
The little girl had some white muck on her hands so i took some tissue and was trying to clean her hands.

Please give meaning of dreams.

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