Istighathah, Waseela and Rawassul

Assalaam Alaikum Mufti Sahab,

What is the difference between Istighathah, Waseela and Tawassul? I have read that Waseela and Tawassul are permissible whereas Istighathah is not permissible and could lead to kufr and shirk.


1 thought on “Istighathah, Waseela and Rawassul”

  1. To ask from the dead directly, thinking that the dead can fulfill the need is tantamount to Shirk.
    Waseela and Rawassul is permissible when done in a permissible Shaari manner.
    To ask Allaah saying “Oh Allaah my Duaa due to the goodness of ‘this’ person is permissible”.