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Assalamu alaykum!
i am a male muslim who is Alhamdulillah, blessed by Allah to pray 5 times a day, fast in

ramadhan, do other islamic worships etc. I’m currently in college taking up

physiotherapy, i have heard that actions are based on intentions thats why if you do

something you must have a correct intention so this is some of my concerns:

1.)i want my going to college everyday, attending classes,studying all my subjects,

doing practical and theoretical exams etc. for the sake of Allah, is this intention


2.)i have heard from someone that Allah only accepts islamic things(studying islamic

knowledge) He doesnt accepts secular branch of knowledge. is this true?

3.)some of my subjects have some “Darwinist” teaching, i’m 1000% dont believe in

evolution theory. this is a kafir country(where majority are kufr) they
intigrate it in our curriculum & it is a requisite for us to graduate to pass this

subject so i just study this so that i do not fail..
but i want to do everything for Allah’s sake so if i study this subject for Allah’s

sake(but not believing in those lessons) will He accept it?

4.)i have heard once that if you have a correct intention(doing it for Allah’s

sake)..then your going to college will become a worship and you will be rewarded? is

this true.

5.) we have practicum that allows us to touch and hold our patient(all gender, as we are

taught that we cannot refuse any patient because it is in the law)for treatment

modalities and nothing else and this is vital for the patient to be it

allowed if have this intention while beggining the practicum(O Allah i’m doing this

practicum for your sake and pleasure).

6.) i want to excell in my studies with the intention:
a.)for Allah’s sake.
b.)to show to the kafirs that muslims can excell in this field of worldly knowledge

(kafirs say that muslims are ignorant at worldly knowledge & the only thing that they

know is islamic knowledge).
is this permissable?

7.) Also after i have dedicated all my studies for Allah’s sake and i “cheat” in one of

my test/exams/quizes… have i commited kufr?( as i have heard that doing haram things

for Allah’s sake makes you a kafir).

8.) my parents are old now and i want to help them physically and financially thats why

i need to finish college but this the only thing that is disturbing my peace of mind and hindering my studies:
“my prayers,fasting, charity, worship etc. are for Allah’s sake but college(secular

knowledge) is not accepted in islam hence you cannot do it for Allah’s sake”
please help me clear this for me mufti saheb.

sorry for the long question & i hope you can give me a satisfactory answer mufti saheb

as 90% of my time is in college also having a degree today is the only means to have a

decent job which is enough to keep your family well sustained. waiting for your

immediate response.

May Allah grant you jannah firdaus
jazakallahu khair

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Asked on July 10, 2016 6:34 am
Private answer

1.) Ok
2.) No
3.) Yes
4.) Yes
5.) Yes
6.) Yes
7.) One cannot ‘cheat’. But it does not make one a Kaafir.
8.) Make intention, I want to study and earn Halaal earnings. This will earn Allah’s pleasure.

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Answered on July 12, 2016 7:54 pm