Tabligh and jihaad

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1) A senior aalim of nizammudin says tabligh is the complete way of life, the 6 points of tabligh are complete Deen, tazkiyyah and taleem is found in tabligh itself. Is this correct?

2) The aalim also applies ayaats of jihaad and says hadiths and ayats of jihaad apply to tabligh also. eg going in tabligh is better than praying infront of hajre aswad on laylatul qadr. Is the sawaab of going for jamaat same as going for jihaad?

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Asked on July 14, 2016 12:12 pm
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1.) If one follows the 6 points, then a complete way of Islamic life can be achieved, provided it is done properly.
2.) Many mis-use Aayats.
All Aayats and Ahadeeth of Jihaad do not refer to the activities of Tabliqh.
The Hadith of ‘praying in front of the Hajre Aswad’ does not refer to Tabliqh.
There are various types, levels and degrees of Jihaad, having different rewards.

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Answered on July 19, 2016 4:32 pm