Is it permissible to give all ones Qurbaani meat to the poor?

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As salaamu Alaikum
I trust that you are welll and had a good Eid. I have a query regarding the distribution of qurbaani meat. Whilst i understand that the sunnah method is to divide the meat into 3 parts and give to family & friends, the poor & myself; I am in the situation whereby the needs of the poor in the surrounding rural & informal communities outweigh the needs of friends, family & myself. Is it permissable to give all the meat to the poor?

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Asked on November 14, 2011 2:10 pm
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It is not Sunnat but Mustahab to divide into 3 parts.
All meat can be given away to the poor.

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Answered on November 14, 2011 2:10 pm