Is following one of the four schools of thought Haraam?

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Asslamalykum Elias Sir,
I am a Muslim by born and learnt Salah and other practices of Islam from family. My father belongs to Tablighi Jamaat which is famous in India. During this days i met with friend who return from SA. As of him Tablighi (Deobandi) people are follows Taqleed which is haram. And he said one should not follow any Imam except “Mohammed PBUH”. Following on fiqa like “Hanafi/Maliki/Shaafi/Hambali” is haram. He was saying Tablighi Jamat is not Sunnah its bidaaat.
I have done bit research on this matter, i found a book “Taqleed – 256 Questions” written by you. I got some hope that what I am performing is not bidaaat. Kindly provide your inputs on Tablighi Jamaat as wel.
I am having bit knowledge on Hadeeth and Quran. I am can’t do research by my own. So, requesting you to provide your valuable inputs. And show me right path.
Allah Hafiz.

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Asked on December 17, 2011 12:52 pm
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To follow one Imaam of Fiqh is adequately proven from Shariat sources as well as the work of Tabligh. Read online on our website "Tabligh Made Easy" and "Why follow one Imaam of Fiqh". Do not waste your time with the objectors.

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Answered on December 17, 2011 12:52 pm