Investing in something halaal from haraam money

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Assalamu alaikum,
Respected Mufti Sahab,
(1) I want to know a person earns his income from haram source and then he gets lots of money. So he starts investing that money in buying flats and shops and then selling then and gets the money,so I want to ask if this income which he gets by selling the flat or shop is halal or not. If it is halal then all the people will try and work this way and think this is a nice way to make money halal and white. They might tempt to earn from haram source and invest in these kind of ventures and make money halal. What is the correct view from you.

(2). like a person has earned lots of money from haram source and now has decided to open a shop and all the items in the shop is also bought from this haram money so will his income from selling these items will be halal or haram. Now this person does qurbani, so will his qurbani be valid as he bought the cow from the haram money. He says the niyat is ok so the qurbani is also ok. Some think the source is haram so the income is also haram. Very confusing.

(3). Third situation: A person has 2 bussiness. One is a halal one and the other is a haram one. Now he buys a cow from a haram money and brings the cow home. Now someone said that this is not right because you have bought is from a haram money which he had in his pocket at the time of buying cow so the person goes home and takes the halal money which he had in his house and kept it himself and said that now its ok as my niyat is to buy from the halal money. He did not give the money to the seller of the cow.

(4) There arises two questions from the third question: a) Is his niyat ok and is the aminal halal to slaughter and can other people eat the meat of this particular cow when qurbani is done on it. b) Suppose the cow which he bought from the haram money and then later went home and took the halal money and gave it to the seller of the cow and took back the haram money. Will the cow be halal on account of this act.

(5) A person had bought a shirt from a haram money from a shop in Delhi for someone in who lives in Kolkata. Now when the person gives the shirt to the 2nd person for which he bought, the 2nd person gave him the money (halah money) i.e. reimbursed the person who had bought a shirt from Delhi. So the question is will the shirt be counted as bought from halal money and can be used to wear or will the shirt be regarded as bought from the haram money, because it was bought initially from the haram money by the 1st person, and so cant be used as the shirt has become haram on account of buying from haram money.

Please help me out. A confusing situation.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on September 24, 2014 10:03 pm