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3 years ago, a guy proposed for me and we started going out. It was a serious thing for me but for him it was not. After 5 months, we broke up. 3 months later, he started calling me again and this has been going on and off. last week, I asked him why he keeps in contact with me and after much arguing, he told me it is as a friend and that he likes talking. I told him never to call me again as I want to erase him from my life.
I started performing namaz istikaara. It has been two days now. I wanted Allah’s guidance if I took the right decision. On the second day, I dreamt of the guy. I saw that he had called me two times but due to some reason, i didnot answer the phone. I called him back but he didnot reply. I was then watching television with the lights off with my parents. There was some dancing show going on when I heard my mobile ring. I was dark and I ran to my room and pick up the phone. It was the guy. I was talking to him and coughing at the same time as I was ill. I was also looking out of the window and the moon light was reflecting in my room. He was telling me that I was ill again, I should takr my precaution and drink medicines. Just I was going to ask him the reason behind this call, I woke up. I went to do salaat-ul-tahajjud and I am writing to you about this.
Can you please advise me whether it is a positive or a negative answer?

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Asked on May 5, 2011 6:41 pm
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Positive, but immediately stop this un-Islaamic relationship.

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Answered on May 5, 2011 6:41 pm