Interpretation of a dream after making Istikharah

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asalamualaykum mufti saab
reagarding question 5533, u advised me to take two elders from both sides to try and solve the problem but when i introduced the idea to have a meeting like this he insisted that he needs time to think about whether he wants to be with me or not.Its been over a month now and i asked him again about the meetin and he still says he is thinkin.He is still having the affair with the woman and his family is still doin nothin about it.he told me that if any molana aproaches him to talk about the issue he will marry this other woman.
He has had no contact with me since i left not even to ask about his daughter.he hasen come to see her either or asked about her.
I dont no wat to do anymore and i feel like i cant go back to him.His family is not showin any justice either and are accusing me of tellin him to not speak to his mother or sisters but now after this incident he is speaking to them eg~when he would go out he would inform me and not her but now aftter the incident he is now tellin her.And iv never asked my husband for a separate house but my mother in law now tells me that that should stop thinkin that i will get a separate house because i will separate her two sons.
Nothin seems to be getting solved everything is just going round in circles
do u think this marriage is goin to work even if i go back if the family is giving me no justice and accusing me and thinking of me differently?
~i dont feel like going back after all this but i dont no if its the right decision?
Iv been makin istikhara but theres nothing happenin i dont feel anythin but last night i made and i had a dream of my husband and the woman coming to my house for a function and she is wearing a blue scarf and he is wearing a blue shirt.does this have any sinificance?

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Asked on June 23, 2010 12:00 am
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Consult your local Jamiat or careline/crises centre now.

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Answered on June 23, 2010 12:00 am