Interpretation of a dream after making Istikharah

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May Allah showers His blessings upon you (ameen).
There is a talk going on with a family in regards to potential rishta (marriage). I’m a female. There are few steps we need to first sort out such as visas since he lives in another country. In the meantime, I went ahead & performed Istikhara. I did Istikhara for 6 nights. After Isha prayer, recited/listened to Surah Baqara first, then performed Istikhara . Here is what I saw in dream:
Day 1: First saw that someone gave me one pomegranate in dream. Then, I saw myself eating one gulab jamun. Then, saw some raw, uncooked rice of good qualit.
Day 2: I have some cousins that I do not like much since they had not been nice to us. On day 2, I saw some quarrel/arguments with them in dream. Dreaming was long but do not remember the whole thing.
Day 3: On Day 3, probably saw many dreams, but remember one thing. I saw one cantaloupe/honey dew (kharbooza) that was cut (probably cut into two) and the inside color was yellowish like mango. Kharbooza appeared good and juicy.
Day 4: Saw in the dream something like coarse salt with pinkish red color. It is a snow season, and we see salt everywhere on streets, so probably that was on my mind. Not sure though.
Day 5 and 6: No dream or dont remember
I had a neutral feeling for this rishta, (not positive not negative), before the istikhara, and my feelings are still neutral. I dont have a strong inclination towards either a YES or a No. We do not know this family, they are complete outsiders, and so I am concerned that hopefully we make a right decision.
Based on the above information, kindly share your thoughts that whether istikhara is positive or not. Since I dreamt of pomegranate (a red fruit), I dont know what it is implying. Thank you for your help! Allah hafiz

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Asked on January 3, 2011 12:00 am
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You should have stopped after 1st Dream.

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Answered on January 3, 2011 12:00 am