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I did istikhara on whether i should marry a girl as i am unsure and i remember having a dream where i was in a clothes shop with my friend and i seen these blue jeans that i wanted to buy and i was having a look at it then the dream changed to where i seen a chicken lay about 6-7 eggs and the eggs hatched except for one so the chikcen kept sitting on that egg as the other chicks were growing and then finally i thought to my self let me go check the egg so i went over and the egg looked a bit bigger than usual so i took the shell off and their was another shell inside so i took that off too and their was steaming white boiled egg inside and all those other little chicks also turned in to white boiled eggs.
Then i took them to my friend and for some reason i felt like the chicken was his so i gave him the boiled eggs and then he went inside a room in my house and locked the door and fell asleep. Then i was trying to ring the door bell and call him to get in to the room but i couldnt because he had fallen asleep.

What does this dream mean. Because i seen the colour blue does this mean that the girl is no good for me or she will be a cause of sadness?


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Asked on September 10, 2017 1:58 pm
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Answered on September 15, 2017 3:49 pm