Intentionally being present in the gathering of another religion

Scenario: A Muslim went to a dinner invitation in which there was vegetarian food served. There were a lot of people there. No intermingling took place as all of the people present were males. There were no females. However just before food was served, there was a ritual that was performed on stage which lasted for 12 minutes. This ritual contained many elements of shirk in the form of chanting, giving offerings to false gods and bowing to some idols.

A Muslim sat in the audience, without any participation in those acts. He at no point believed in their religion nor showed any reverence to it. He just sat silently and watched as he did not want to come across as rude. In his heart he detested the acts of shirk and wished that the people would bring eeman in Allah.
He did not take part in any of the activity. He just sat as if to show that he is present.

On the invitation card to this meal, it clearly stated that there would be food served and before the food being served a short religious ritual would take place. The Muslim still went ahead and accepted the invitation despite prior knowledge that a ritual would take place?

1) Has the Muslim committed a major sin?

2) Although the Muslim did not take part in the ritual nor did he accept any false beliefs nor did he show any kind of reverence to it, did he commit shirk because he sat and watched?

3) Is this person still a Muslim or is he a mushrik/kafir?

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