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Slmz Mufti. I trust that you are well. Maaf for troubling you. My late grandfather has a lot of property in India and I have decided to assist my dad in sorting this out. The problem being that all the properties are in my grandfather name with the exception of 2. My fathers uncle now say that some of the others also belonged to their father I.e. My grandfathers father but they can’t say which specific ones belonged to their father or which my grandfather bought on his own. We want to sell the properties and distribute as per sharia but now don’t know how. All other elders besides my grandfather 2 brothers have passed away and the remaining 2 brother don’t know for sure if it was their fathers but on paper it’s my grandfathers. Can Mufti please advise islamically how can this be resolved ?

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Asked on July 7, 2016 8:40 pm
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There are people who specialise in sorting your type of difficulties.
Contact them.
Firstly determine, number of properties and who are their owners.
Then when they died who were the heirs and now who is left from those heirs.
Then it will become easy to sort out.

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Answered on July 11, 2016 1:01 pm