Distribution of Inheritance

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Respected mufti sahib.

This is with regards to my brothers estate. Mufti sahib my husband has had 3 heart attacks and his heart is damaged, as a result he is unable to work. I have 2 sons who have been suffering for the past 15 years with sehr, jinaat and jaadoo. They are totally dysfunctional. At this point in our lives we living off zakaat and the kindness of others.  We are destitute and are in need of urgent assistance. With regards to my brothers estate, i have a male cousin whom i have no contact with and i have been given conflicting fatawaa. Some ulemah have said that he does not receive from this estate, whereas others have said that he receives half. My brother was never married, has no children and my aren’t parents have also passed away. My cousin is well off, I have asked him for assistance but none was forthcoming. 12 years ago after much difficulty my mamajees children did give me half of this estate, the other half was never distributed. In my case where there is no one to turn to besides Allaah, which Alhamdulillaah my family have been doing, but we are desperately in need yet our difficulty could easily be solved if I were to get a written fatwa in favour of me. Whatever I am telling mufti sahib can be verified by bonified ulemah. All my father’s side of the family have passed on besides this one cousin.

My brother was never married and had no children.
My parents passed away.
My father had one brother who also passed away, he has one son and one daughter.
We were only two siblings my brother and myself.

My mother has 3 brothers. One passed away. The other two are alive and they have children.


If mufti saheb needs any more information please let me know

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Asked on January 14, 2017 3:54 pm
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To give a ruling in your favour will not be valid or correct. Contact your local Jamiat.

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Answered on February 9, 2017 12:53 pm