In love with someone else due to having no relationship with husband

Wlsm mufti I have been married for 12yrs now and have 2 daughters, ever since we got married I felt sorry for my husdand as he had to pay all his debt alone and didn’t earn a great salary so I help to pay the bills and see to the needs of the kids and never did my husband see to my needs and I have always been explaining to him I don’t have to help him but because I love him and I want this marrige to work I am putting in my all he has been stuyding all our married life never has time for me I have to be husband and wife and I have to be mother and father to our kids today he has a become deg and a mba deg has a much better posion we fight a lot we are not even intimate anymore we both live pass each other and my husband blames me today for us living pass each other I fell in love with someone else who makes me happy but he is also married but we are not invloved I need help I need advise how do I go forward my husband and I don’t even talk to each other
. Shukran wslm

1 thought on “In love with someone else due to having no relationship with husband”

  1. Call both sides parents. Let them negotiate. If this fails then get those who signed your Nikaah Certificate to intervene. If this fails go for marriage counseling. Then consult your local Ulema. Under no circumstances should you involve yourself with another man.