Impure clothes mixed with pure waer and clothes

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Assalamualaikum.My parents are not very careful about purity. Once my mother put an impure cloth(impured by semen but semen become dry) in a bucket with water with pure clothes. But she did not know that the cloth is impure. Seeing it I removed the impure cloth from the bucket of water and purified it properly. But my question is

(1).Does the remaining water, pure clothes and the bucket become impure? If the water and pure clothes become impure and our home worker washed it but I do not know whether she used the bucket’s water(if become impure) for washing or she used new water for washing the clothes. I also do not know whether she squeezed it or not. If the remaining pure clothes become impure.

(2). How many times they have to be washed? When the remaining clothes become dry (after washed by our home worker) and I wear one of them and touch the cloth with wet hands and touch the steel handle of the tap with the same hand and the handle is wet too.

(3)Do the handle become impure ? I do not tell my parents about it because they are not so careful .My mother and other member of the family touch the handle to wash dishes,cups,plates etc. I can not wash the handle immediately because I do not know how to purify it. So I have to purify it the next day.

(4) Do the dishes,cups,plates etc already become impure by my parents touch? I pour water on the handle 3 times but can not drain the water which roll from the handle .

(5)Is the rolling water impure? Cups,dishes,plates etc are kept below the tap for washing.

(6)Do they become impure by rolling water? I am a school student and my studies are suffering for that and I also can not eat properly. Please help me.

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Asked on July 6, 2014 7:34 pm
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1) When you do not know that it is impure for certain then regard it as pure.

2) To obtain purity, wash a minimum of three times.

3) Once the steel handle is washed with water then it will become pure.

4) It is pure.

5) Pure.

6) Do not be doubtful.

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Answered on July 6, 2014 7:34 pm