Imamat and impurity

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Asalamwalaykum wmw Mufti Saheb…
PLZ help me in this situation i am in … I don’t know what to do and am very disturbed as I don’t know If i am counted in the category of mazoor or not ?

Mufti Saheb I lead fard namaaz and taraweeh salah at My local masjid as a partial imam ( only esha salah ) … since long (5 to 6 years) I suffered with this problem that whenever I have been given imamat I have a lot of pressure on me and OCD of wudhu been broken through urine drops comes to mind and disturbs me IN my swalaah … it mainly happens when I am the imam and leading the congregational prayers… now TOGETHER with pressure of ocd I ALSO have a weak postrate which normally removes fluid from my private part and is literally seen in the under wear after salah and this only comes out due to the pressure and heavy ocd WHILST IN SALAH …

MY condition before salah is I try my best to remove the urine drops and clean and wet my underwear to clear any doubts ..Sometimes I wet my izaar also with water so that I don’t think a lot on it in swalah
….I start my namaz and as I start the Waham starts in full force and especially when I am the imam than sometimes I feel the drops of fluid also coming out one or two ….when I check my underwear after swalaah many times I find the stains … I don’t know if my namaz is accepted in this halat of mine …

I am really worried especially this ramzhan when I lead the taraweeh in this condition … I visited the urologist many times also given medication but I didn’t see a big change… he gives me antibiotics after all the needed tests… but not much is cured … What I can tell you mufti saaheb is that IT IS JUST NOT IN MY CONTROL I TRY MY BEST TO STOP MY NAMAZ PRESSURE BUT STILL MORE I FAIL AND THE FLUID/urine drops drips …

If I read my own prayer it also disturbs me in the above way but than i dont have that much pressure because i know i am only responsible for my swalah inda Allah but the pressure is morewhen am praying

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Asked on June 8, 2016 10:35 am
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Kindly do not make Imaamat.
Until your medical condition improves.
Also do not become a suspicious person.

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Answered on June 20, 2016 1:14 pm