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A Muslim thinks to himself of kufr statements, but has no intention of kufr. In his thoughts he is saying to himself, “I am not Muslim, I denounce Islam”. But as he says these statements in his mind, he has no intention of kufr. So he emails/writes the below two queries to a Mufti/Moulana to enquire about these statements that he thinks in his mind. When he writes the below two queries to the Moulana/Mufti to enquire about these thoughts, he decides that instead of writing that these are thoughts that he has been thinking, he writes that he has verbally said the statements, ” I am not Muslim, I denounce Islam”, by referring to himself in the queries (as explained in the below two queries) when in reality he hasn’t and didn’t say it verbally.

And he wrote this in email/question and did the above mentioned because he wanted to inquire a ruling and a get quick reply/fatwa from the Mufti/Moulana and to understand the ruling on such a matter/case and to put across to the Mufti/Moulana that it is a serious enquiry and wanted the Mufti/Moulana to give a ruling in such a matter/case and also didn’t want his query to be ignored and not answered and also he wanted to put across to the mufti/maulana that it’s a personalised question/query which is to do with the questioner/himself (but in reality its not a personalised question or to do with himself because he never has said any statements verbally and it were only thoughts in his mind).
Does doing this or any of the above make him a non-Muslim?

(Please note, answer is required for the above scenarios explained, not for the below two queries)


The two queries that were written to the Mufti/Moulana was as follows:
Queries: A person says: “I am not Muslim, I denounce Islam.”
Query 1)If not sure of the intention at the time of saying this statements, does that make me a non-Muslim?
Query 2)If the person has no intention to denounce Islam and he says the above statement with no intention, does that make him non-Muslim?

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Asked on July 23, 2016 2:09 pm
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The person does NOT become a Kaafir as long as he does NOT intend to leave Islaam.
Thoughts do not make one leave the fold of Islaam.
However, such a person requires much spiritual help.

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Answered on July 26, 2016 12:04 pm