Imaam’s wudhu breaks and if 2/3 people are reading namaaz

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Assalam o alaikum,

Respected Mufti Saheb, I want to know the ruling on imamat. Suppose a person who is doing imamat passed wind in between the salah say in sajdah then what will he do. just get up and walk away? What will the muqtadis do in this case and especially when they do not know that the imam is gone will they get up from sajdah on their own. Who will lead the prayers? Will the salah have to be broken by all the muqtadis and re-start again. What should be done in this type of situation?

2. If two people are making namaz with jamat one is the imam and the other muqtadi. How will they both stand, side by side or at the back of the imam. Suppose a third person comes and joins them the how will the 3rd person stand will he stand at the side or muqtadi or at the left side of the imam or at the back. If he stands at the back he will be standing alone. I have heard that he will pat on the back of the muqtadi and then he will move backward. Is this the correct procedure. How will the muqtadi know that for what reason one is patting him. Moreover he will move backward while remainging in the position of salah or break the salah and come back.
How will the muqtadi know how many feet to move back ward. These are troubling me as this thing has happened before also. So please give me the correct ruling.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on May 29, 2014 8:34 pm
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1) The Imaam will touch a Musallee and indicate that he must take over, the Musalee will go into Sajda and continue.

2) He will move back once tapped without breaking Salaat. Distance of one Musala backwards. The new Musalee will stand to his right.

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Answered on May 29, 2014 8:34 pm