Unfair Medical System And Misuse by Practitioners

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Respected Ulema /brothers in Islam
As salaam mo Alaikum wa rahmatulah wa barakthu

A matter which has been plaguing me for some time and for which I feel constrained and obliged by Islamic rectitude to express my feelings herein, but to also seek some clarification and guidance in the matter herein.
I am not aware of any other profession than the medical profession wherein the principle of “fair exchange” is so criminally violated in all its forms not only in respect of recompense which can only be described as obscene and oppressive, but also in the flawed and deceptive nature of the service.

The unrestrained and unchecked free reign in respect of their wicked fees over the years has been entrenched in the thinking of most of the populace as normal and acceptable. Yet so many shameful narrations I am aware of, within our borders, by patients who had to either dispose of their businesses or vehicles to pay off the extortive medical bills after pleas for consideration in reduction of the amounts and for extended time for payment in respect of the outrageous bills, fell on deaf ears.
Many medical practitioners herein concerned were Muslim, That the current medical profession, intrinsically iniquitous, well controlled and insidiously networked with all the relevant participants and stakeholders including health and medical aid insurance companies, stripped of all beneficence and nobility, where obscene profiteering has taken precedence above all else, is plainly obvious even to the least discerning.
A truly lost opportunity for the Muslim medical practitioner (with some exceptions ) who, instead of recognizing the villainy in the profession and respecting the Islamic imperatives by remaining within the confines of the principle of fair exchange in trade, have become even worse than their non-Muslim counterparts in this oppressive system.

Yet again the gravity of the aforementioned impropriety in the profession, not dissimilar to that of the wickedness of RIBA or extortion, the denunciation and warnings of which we hear so often, and rightly so ,from the mimbars/ Ulema,and read so often about in Muslim publications, but no denunciation or admonishment even remotely by allusion, from the Mimbars / Ulema or sharia compliant seminars,(except The Mujlis PE) regarding the medical profession and its attendant ills.
This is strange.

Was salaam

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Asked on January 4, 2016 12:52 pm
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Without Prejudice
I have received your E-mail and noted contents.
The problem lies in 3 areas;
1) The general practitioners (gps);
2) The specialists, the hospitals, the co-operates who control these private hospitals, state clinics;
3) The secular educational system.
Secular educational system is directed to making moneymaking machines devoid of the fear of Allaah. It is bereft of concern of the Aakhiraat.
That one Day, we are going to stand accountable for exploitation, ill treatment of the poor and not been a well-wisher of anyone.
This system has made man put materialism first and humanitarian service comes last, if lucky.
The corporate companies that control these private hospitals and the medical aid systems that dedicate high consultation fees place all under financial stress, and when one is taken to a private clinic, from one specialist another via friendship which we call the ‘tag team’, comes into motion whether one requires it or not does not matter.
Specialists who do not admit a certain specified number of patients into the clinic are requested to leave, because the hospital is a high-tech commercial enterprise with a medical front.
The medically stipulated rates have set an extremely high benchmark that non-medical aid patrons suffer its consequences.

Man must realize that to earn the pleasure of the creation is to serve them.
This can be done when we learn to obey Nabi (S.A.W), so we earn his pleasure. This will result when we make the ‘Ibadaat’ (worship) of Allaah so His Pleasure is obtained.
Now man will become a well-wisher of man not a ruthless hankerer after money.
The government should level the fields by providing medical services gratis.
How is one going to face Allaah after not-treating the deserving due to the money factor? One has to fear Allaah all the time – in that lies our salvation.

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Answered on January 17, 2016 5:38 pm