Living in sin

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respected mufti saheb.
i am 37 years old.i have a wife and four children.i am deeni inclined and have a sunnah beard and follow various other sunnah practices.
i have a weakness for money.i have lost alot in my life due to greed and chasing money.
i have stolen and continue to defraud.
i have lost my own business and have since gotten a job.i am in a position where lots of monies pass through daily which i have been helping myself to.
even with this i am unable to support my family.i have difficulty with paying school fees etc and have been stealing to cover up this gap but the hole i am digging is worsened.
i also smoke dagga every evening as i feel it helps me relax.
allaah has given me alot in my life and i am an ungrateful servant to my lord.
my life has changed since i lost my business where i no longer am punctual with salaah.i feel regret when i miss a salaah but sometimes miss salaah intentionally.
i cant remember the last time time i read my quraan or even surah yaseen.
mufti saheb i am lost and in desperate need of upliftment.
what can i do?
i feel as if i am loosing my imaan and feel very spiritually low.

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Asked on November 7, 2017 3:24 pm
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Half your battle is won by realizing your error. Be positive.
Take hold of yourself. Immediately stop stealing.
Reduce all and every un-necessary expenses. Stop smoking. Read at least one Salaat with Jamaat daily then increase.
Read at least 1 Ruku Quraan daily. Do not have bad company.

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Answered on November 28, 2017 10:06 pm