Husband wants mehr back in order to issue the 3rd talaaq

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Trust this msg reaches all in good health
Firstly I would like to say to all involved for the best and sound advice given also for all the time and effort put into this project
May reward all abundantly n take all from strength to strength
My question to the panel is concerning Talaaq
a female friend having some problems resolving the issues regarding talaaq
husband issued two talaaqs already

The 1st in 2001, a witness was present

The 2nd was in 2008 also a witness was present
.Both were given verbally

Since then they have been seperated in two different towns and their has been no contact between the two

Ulema been keeping on the line and husband will not issue a 3rd talaaq up untill he recieves the mehr back Which in total is R14000

Please advise further as to whether this marrige is null and void or does she still to wait for him to issue the 3rd talaaq
Also she’s not asking for a kullah she’s merely asking to go on with life so does she have to give the mahr back

Urgent urgent urgent

Much appreciated

May Allah guide us all
Yours thankfully

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Asked on March 24, 2014 1:11 pm
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If she passed her Iddat after her second Talaaq then the Nikaah is over. She can marry whomsoever she wants to besides the husband who divorced her.

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Answered on March 24, 2014 1:11 pm