Have I become a kafir?

Assalamu alaykum
i want to ask if im a kafir in the following

1.)it was my habit during my childhood,even now, to say
whenever wearing clothes ‘Alhamdulillahil
lazi kasani mauwari bihi awrati wa atajammalu
bihi fi hayatih’. but the problem the clothes
that we wear in school(which is mandatory) has a big
tiger picture(with colors). I read that when you
say Alhamdulillah when doing haram, you become a
kafir.so do i become a kafir when i say this zikr when
i wear this clothing or other clothing that contains

2.)Also if a person
says “Bismillahi tawakkaltu illallah wala hawla wala quwata illa billah”
whenever he goes out but sometimes he says this, because it is his habit,
when he goes to the mall or other places where the zikr of Allah is not mention
or where people are doing haram. does he become also a kafir?

sometimes because of rampant & difficulty of avoiding haram things now, my habit of
saying this zikrs are declining(and I dont recite this zikrs now often) because of the
fear of becoming kafir..
so have i commited kufr?(even though in my heart i really hate to become a kafir
& love Islam)

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