Halaal and haraam income

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Assalam o alaikum, Hope you are fine by the Grace of Allah Subhan’o’ Twala.

Respected Sir, I want some clarifications on halal and haram money. Someone works in a Hotel where they serve food as well as wine and there is an orchestra where people sing and music is played. He earns his living by working as a partner and divides the money earned through it among his collegues.

1.My question is: Is his money haram which he is earning through the band? A person has taken a loan from him and then added his income which was halal and bought a flat. Living in that flat will be lawful or unlawful?

2. After 2 years the person wants to re-pay the loan he has taken from him so should he give the person the money which he has now saved from halal income or should he re-pay the loan only by selling the flat in which his money of loan is also included? If he pays the loan from his savings then will the money he invested in buying the flat by taking loan from the person be halal if he sell the flat and gets money or the loan amount will still be haram. What should he do in this condition?

3. A Urdu teacher and an English teacher comes to teach the children of the person earning haram money through band but both of them does not know his way of earning so in this case the tution money which the teachers are getting at the end of the month is halal or haram for them. More over even if they know that the money is not earned from halal ways will it be halal for them to take and use it as a relative said that a haram earning is haram for the person and his family and it becomes halal or it is halal for others

4. A friend is an electrician and works has a shop. Sometimes he has to go the other places and houses to repair and do fittings. He was one given a job for reparing the lights and fitting of a Bar. Is his income halal.
Some one said it is not halal as it is a work in the bar and he is assisting others in committing sin. Is it correct. Then it become difficult to earn halal. As there are various cases in which he has to do work of repair.
Other person said that then making and selling of knife and earning from it would be not right in the above context as it might be used to kill and harm someone. So himself said no the making of knife and selling will not be called un-lawful but the use of the knife would be taken into consideration. With what intention one is using the knife, if using to cut vegetable then it is good and to kill someone with it is bad. Now what is the correct view. Help me and my friend out of this situation.

The other question on dream was not answered by you. Have you stopped answering question on dream?
Hope all my question would be kindly answered.
Jazzal Allah!
Assalam o alaikum

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Asked on January 10, 2014 3:14 pm
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1) The money is Haraam. Living in the flat is lawful.

2) Get a loan and pay the debt.

3) For the teachers it is permissible.

4) It is Makrooh.

5) Questions on dreams are answered monthly InshaAllaah.

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Answered on January 10, 2014 3:14 pm