Haiz and Istihaza

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1- I get yellow discharge continuously throughout the month.

Do I have to include this as part of my Haiz once 15 clean days has passed? If I count the yellow discharge the most of my Haiz will be that & whenI am bleeding it will be Istihaza.I have been told by an Apa that i should not count any yellow.

2- If my Haiz goes over 10 days then I know I have to take my last haiz habit as my habit for this month but do I also have to take my last clean habit as well or is it correct to just count 15 days as this is what I have been doing all the time?

My concern with counting the last clean habit is what if my last clean habit was long eg. 3 months…then would I have to wait for 3 months of Purity? It seems easier & more correct to just count 15 days.

Eg. I bled 12 days. My last month Haiz habit was 8 days and clean habit was 30 days.

I know I must take 8 days as my Haiz habit for this month and from the 9th day it will be Istihaza.But do I have to wait 15 days or 30 days before i should start counting the next flow?

3- If there are less than 15 clean days inbetween 2 bleedings, is it regarded as 1 flow?

Eg. I bled for 1 day then was clean for 14 days then bled for 4 days.

Is it correct to say that it should be taken as if I bled for 19 days and then i should follow the same ruling as if I bled for more than 10 days: ie. Take last months Haiz habit.

The other view seems to be that there is no continous flow from the previous bleeding if there is less than 15 days clean. They simply tell you it is Istihaza and that you should wait till 15 days and then start counting.

Eg. If I bled after 14 days then they say its Istihaza and I should read salaah as normal and after 1 day ( ie. 15 days passes) then I must start counting it as a 2nd flow.Which view is correct?

4- If I bled on the 1st day and then on the 9th day. Is it correct to take it as 9 days bleeding or do i take both bleesings as Istihaza as it is less than 3 days?

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Asked on January 19, 2016 2:25 am
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1) When it starts red, count as Haiz for 10 days then Istihaaza.
2) Use 10 days as your formula.
One the first bleed starts then regard it as ‘Haiz’. After 10 days what comes regard as Istihaaza.

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Answered on January 31, 2016 8:37 pm