Giving zakaat for cousins operation

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Assalamualykum Mufti Elias.
I have a cousin of mines, who lost his father when he was a baby.He is staying with his mother who runs a small nursery at home , and stays with his 1 sister and 1 brother.
The doctors picked up that he has growth on the face, and needs to remove it.However due to the complexity of the operation which is alot of nerves on the face and chances of face paralysis are there,so we felt it would be best to do this operation in a private hospital instead of a goverment hospital.

However the cost is around R40 000.00.The family felt we all can club together and raise the funds for him, as he has no father.

My question is can his uncles,aunties and cousins give their zakaat money for the operation.Is this permissble.

Your help mufti saab in advising would be appreciated and request your duaas.


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Asked on September 28, 2008 12:00 am
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Yes, become his 'Wakil' - (agent) and distribute Zakaat on his behalf

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Answered on September 28, 2008 12:00 am