Getting the urge to look at women

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Asalaamualaikum Respect Mufti.

I call on you for guidance please. I have a problem with Zinah in terms of controlling my gaze. On a daily basis I am quite good at controlling my gaze from women. I try really hard and alhamdulillah it works. However every now and than I get this urge to look at women either in magazines or internet etc.

Everytime after committing this act, I make taubah and make a firm intention not to do this but these urges become so uncontrolable and I find myself doing this disgusting act again. I feel that Allah will consider my taubah and future intentions to be of no significance because I keep reverting to this sin.

I am currently married and alhamdulillah my wife does fulfil all my desires in the best possible way and I feel so ashamed when I get these urges.

I am quite regular and punctual with all of my salaat with Jamaat. I also try to read tahajud everyday.
I recite on a daily basis Yaseen & Tabaruk. I am in the process of memorizing surah waaqia and surah muzzinmil.
I thereafter recite atleast 1 rukuh of the quraan (and in addition, I read the meaning from Quraan Made Easy).

Respected Mufti, I really need your duaas, help and guidance are requested please. What else can I do when these urges return.

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Asked on July 13, 2013 6:32 pm
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Then stop buying magazines and surfacing the internet. When the urge arises, make Wudhu, read Quraan, Islaamic literature. Go sit in the Masjid, be amongst the pious.

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Answered on July 13, 2013 6:32 pm