Who to take Islamic lessons from

How are we to know from the person we take Islamic lessons is 100% correct?
Most are fake most are having affairs coming in the news most are double standards then how to know who to follow?

These days everyone is trying to get knowledge and thinks they are right who is right who is wrong even are ulema or people with knowledge are selling the knowledge is this correct?

1 thought on “Who to take Islamic lessons from”

  1. This is the age of trials and tribulations.
    Do not take lessons from those who do not follow the Sunnat, do like liars, cheats, bidatis, hatless, beardless, those who address mixed gatherings, shake hands with strange ladies, hug/kiss strange ladies, pose for photos, listen to music, attend baseless vain sport gatherings, who like to seek fame glory popularity, who legalize Haraam, who give new weird interpretation to Shariat, who do not follow a Mazhab in Fiqh, who disregard and disrespect the Ulema-e-Haqqani Rabbani, those who speak ill of Ambiyaa (A.S.), Sahabah (R.A.) and the pious ones of the best of times.
    Stay far from these spoilers of Deen, even if they are orators of the age.