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Salaam Mufti

Can you please let me know what is your understanding of a Gadaad and what gets recited to make it bad, and that you said that we should stay away from it. Please let us know if you ever attented a Gadaad (Thikr-Rememberance of ALLAH)Please explain the different types of Bid’at.


Ma As Salaam

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Asked on January 4, 2009 12:00 am
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No. Read on site all our research on Zikr. Deen is complete. Shariaat is perfect. The way to get nearness to Allaah have been shown to us by Rasulullaah (S.A.W) if we going to add then we stating (Allaah Protect us) that he, (S.A.W) failed to convey the total message of Islaam onto us.
Zikr is rewardable, laudable. Soft Zikr is better than audible Zikr. Loud Zikr held in unision in congregation in the Masjid is not proven.
Hadhrat Abdullaah ibn Masood (R.A) says "Follow in our footsteps, and do not innovate (new things). Indeed, you have been sufficed" (Al I'tisaam Pg 54 Vol 1) and Hadhrat Huzaifah (R.A.) States: "Do not many Ibaadat that the Sahabah of Rasulullaah (S.A.W) did not do" (Ibid - Pg 113, Vol 1)

Did Rasulullaah (S.A.W), Sahabah (R.A) do 'gaddad' and 'ratieb'. Are we trying to say we know more than them, ?? The ways to
gain proximity onto Allaah have been explained use that which approved and which Allaah and His Rasul are happy with. To individually make the Zikr proven from the Ahadith is permissable, as long as it is done when and where it is to be done. E.G. one cannot read the duaa after Adhaan after eating and visa versa. Although both are proven. Understand well.

Can you please forward Mufti AK Hoosein's statement and also Mufti Siraj Desai and also Mufti Emh Saljees statements.
Sanha has its own Shariat department.
We suggest you go to "Muslim Mediation of Arbatration Council" or "Muslim Consumer Council" or get the KZN Jamiat to take action or get 12 Influential business men to launch your cause.
Currently we regard all parties as stubborn/stong headed thus refuse to comment anymore.

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