Foster Relation or “Razaat”

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AOA Sir,

As I know that “Razaat” or Foster relationship is established between wet nurse and child, if breastfeeding takes place within first two years of child birth only. The wisdom behind establishment of this Foster relationship within first two years is because the milk from wet nurse provides nourishment to the child, harden it’s bones and grows the flesh of child within first two years of child birth and after that, child nourishment and flesh growth doesn’t occur with this breast milk as he starts to take solid foods after that and then the child nourishment occurs with that solid food and not the milk.

My question is that with the advancement of science and technology, scientist have enhanced the human female breast milk, both naturally and artificially by using human female breast milk DNA, so that drinking of that enhanced female breast milk provides nourishment of human adult and flesh growth of human adult occurs (whether this flesh growth of human adult’s entire body is in large amount). Now I am really confused that since the nourishment and flesh growth occurs in human adults which was the wisdom behind Foster relationship, so what is the ruling of Islam regarding the establishment of Foster relationship between this woman whose breast milk is enhanced and human adult?

Secondly, if the Foster relationship or “Razaat” is established between the woman and human adult who drank her enhanced milk to cause the nourishment and flesh growth of his body (whether the flesh growth of his entire body is in large amount), then is this relationship has the same rights as that of foster mother i.e. Mehram only or her rights are enhanced to that of the biological mother?

Thirdly, do we need Ijma, Qiyas or Ijtehad or anything else for the above mentioned question or not?

Kindly clarify and explain the answer in detail as I am really confused about this matter.Thanks

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Asked on March 13, 2018 10:35 am
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The reasons which you provide as purely based on speculative science and logic.
The Shariat has other causes and ‘not’ which we cannot generally understand.
So let us rely on the old classical ruling.

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Answered on April 15, 2018 2:56 pm