Fluttering around the eyelid while a certain dua was being made


I recently completed reading the English version of the Quran for the first time. I read the English and Arabic both simultaneously. I then read the dua for completion of Quran, went onto the musallah and into sajda and made dua. During the first dua I had an intense fluttering sensation around my eyelids. It has happened to me before, but it was quite intense this time. I stayed with that first dua for a while, then went on to the next dua, the fluttering immediately stopped. I then repeated the first dua again, the fluttering started once again, but not as intensely. Does this mean anything?

1 thought on “Fluttering around the eyelid while a certain dua was being made”

  1. On completion of the Qur’aan, it is not necessary to go into Sajdah and make Du’aa. Avoid Du’aa like that and the fluttering will stop InshaAllaah.