What will Nabi Isa (AS) come as upon his return

Assalaam alaikum,

I have heard that when Hazrat Isa Alayhis Salaam comes to this world he will come as a Nabi. But I am confused because we know that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Final Prophet and Messenger after whom no New Prophet or Messenger will come to this World. Please clarify.


1 thought on “What will Nabi Isa (AS) come as upon his return”

  1. There is no new Nabi to come after Hadhrat Muhammed (S.A.W.).
    Nabi Isa (A.S.) will come as a Ummati of Rasulullaah (S.A.W.) to implement the Shariat OF Rasulullaah (S.A.W.).