Female islamic education

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I would like to clear up some confusion pertaining to female Islamic education.

I would like to know in relation to any of the following scenarios pertaining to female Islamic education whether they are permissible or not, preferably with an explanation for those scenarios which are not permissible.

1. A woman’s mahrams are too occupied with dunya to provide her with Taleem so she, living in UK, America or South Africa leaves her home on her own, wearing niqab & appropriate clothing during the day time & goes to the local Masjid & sits in a segregated area & listens to the talk of a scholar? Is this permissible or not?

2. As in number 1 above i.e. properly dressed, wearing niqab etc. but instead of the Masjid she attends ladies only Taleem at someone’s home on her own & then comes home immediately after Taleem. Is this permissible or not?

3. Supposing her mahram drops the lady off to the Masjid or ladies only Taleem & picks her up & she wears niqab & is appropriately dressed, would this be permissible or not?

4. Suppose the lady does NOT wear the niqab, but she wears loose-fitting jubbah & headscarf & decides to attend the Masjid on her own or to go to ladies only Ta’leem, on the basis that her mahrams are at work, would this be permissible or not?

5. As in number 4 above, i.e. not wearing niqab but wearing headscarf, loose-fitting clothes etc. but she is dropped off & picked up by her Mahram. Would this be permissible or not?

6. Suppose the female & her mahram attend the Masjid together for the sake of Islamic education & she is wearing niqab & is appropriately dressed & there is segregation, would this be permissible or not?

7. Suppose the female attends a segregated talk in the Masjid with her Mahram & she is appropriately dressed but other women attend who are not appropriately dressed & there is the possibility of brief intermingling at the time of arrival or departure, in the Masjid car park, would it be permissible, in such a situation for the female & her mahram to attend the Masjid for such a talk?

8. Would it be Haraam, Makrooh or permissible for an Imam to announce in the Masjid that there will be a sisters’ only programme at the Masjid or at a particular venue/address?

9. Finally, please provide a detailed explanation of how women in the west should obtain Islamic knowledge.


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Asked on September 24, 2014 10:00 pm
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1) Not necessary. Buy authentic books and study.

2) Permissible.

3) Permissible for ladies to go to Ladies' Taleem only, dressed Islaamically.

4) Ladies' Taleem attendance dressed Islaamically will be permissible.

5) This will be permissible if dressed Islaamically.

6) No.

7) No.

8) Should not do this. The Ladies have their own methods of communication.

9) Remember that the rule is 'Quality over Quantity'. Practicing what is learnt is most important. The Deen is easy, keep it easy. Go to reliable sites and read authentic books where sufficient information and knowledge can be sourced from.

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Answered on September 24, 2014 10:00 pm