Extent of Observing Purdah for Purposes of Islaah/Tasawwuf

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Please issue a ruling on the following:

(1) Female mureeds in Niqaab appearing before the Shaykh for the purpose of Tawajjuh. (This is not behind a screen.)

(2) Females travelling to a foreign country for the purpose of observing Nafl I’tikaaf in a hall.

(3) Females travelling to a foreign country for the purpose of observing Nafl I’tikaaf in a someone’s house.

(4) Females observing Nafl I’tikaaf in a hall owned and operated by the local Hindu Association.

(5) Females eating the leftover food of their (ghair-mahram) Shaykh for the purpose of Tabarruk.

(6) Females having casual, non-Islaahi, conversations with their (ghair-mahram) Shaykh in the presence of others.

(7) A female travelling to Western secular Universities for giving bayaans to only females.

(8) A Shaykh of Tasawwuf buying a packet of sweets and sending it, as a gift, for his female mureed when she qualifies as a Hafizah.

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Asked on June 14, 2016 4:47 pm
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1.) This is the beginning of moral disaster for the females and the Shaykh. This is not Islaamic.
2.) This is NOT proven in Shariah. It is against the role of women. This is a wastage of time, energy and money. Foolish are the organisers. This is loaded with ‘fitna’.
3.) as (2) – This will cause problems for the owner of the house.
4.) as (2) – aiding Shirk.
5.) This will lead to ‘hero worship’.
6.) This is sinful and will lead to more sin. Morality of the women and so-called ‘Shaykh’ are at stake. Where has the ‘self-pride’ of the men disappeared?
7.) The work of ‘Daawat and Tabligh’ is NOT the responsibility of women. Not one single Shari valid proof exists to substantiate that females should go out for ‘Daawat and/or Tabligh’. This actually open many doors of ‘fitna’.
8.) This is permissible but if this ‘Shaykh’ is involved in destroying the laws of ‘hijab’ openly, then naturally such an act is highly questionable.

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Answered on June 18, 2016 10:55 pm