Ex wife caught with married man in her flat

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Asalamualaikum , my ex wife managed to get a Fasaqh to terminate our marriage . I was never given an opportunity to give the ulema my side of the story. The Fasaqh document was handed to my lawyers at the family court while applying for access to see my daughter .

Few weeks ago I picked up my daughter at ex wife’s residence only to return to use the bathroom for our daughter. She opened and I saw 2 kids as she opened and my daughter went in , I followed and to my surprise I see an adult male lying on my wife’s bed with a baby in his hand. I never met this guy before. When asked what his doing in my ex’s room , he replied he lives here which he denied later after I called my wife’s parents to come and see what I walked in on which they saw themselves. My question is …
1) What if any sin is being committed since he replied that he has his own house and has 2 wives
And they are not married (this guy & my ex)
2) for a married man to be with a divorcee counts for any form of sin
3)Ex wife responded later via text there’s nothing going on and this guys wife left him and she is helping out with the kids ( I don’t believe that)
4)This week in court to sort out access to my daughter , I got handed a protection order and as her lawyer puts it ‘ I barged into her place..
5) Her residence has tenants in a flat building , the remote controlled gate that day was open as maintenance was being done , her security gate was locked with a padlock which she opened when we knocked , it was an innocent visit back because my little girl wanted to go to the bathroom ..

My other concern is we agreed to a khula divorce at the Jamiat . She later refused to the return of dowry and went to these Riverlea Ulema to get a Fasaqh. CAN I CONTEST THIS FASAQH ?

Does my wife’s actions fall in the category of FORNICATION OR ADULTERY?

Jazakallah for your concern my duas .

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Asked on December 16, 2015 10:44 pm
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1) Sin of Zina.
2) Sin of Zina.
3) Major sin.
4) Fraud.
5) Yes.
6) Yes.

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Answered on December 26, 2015 3:02 pm