Endorcing the content of radio al ansaar

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Mufti saab and many other respected ulema appears frequently on Radio Al ansaar thereby endorsing the content of the station.If respected ulema are seen to be endorsing the content by mere participation in thir respective programmes,can it not be inferred that the music that sometimes acompany a nasheed is therefore endorsed /ignorned .
I am looking for guidance as i oppose any form of music or should i simply refrain from listening-period.
Why is the ulema not imposing itself on the policy of the station and therefore its content.
i am confused and need help.By the way,my sheik has advised against listening and i will follow his advise.

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Asked on December 23, 2012 12:47 pm
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It is not necessary to listen to any Radio Station, whether they claim to be Islaamic or not. I have always mentioned that there is not ONE Kosher 'Islaamic' Radio Station in South Africa irrespective of the claims.
I am not in control of the Station. I have repeatedly spoken against Music aired on the station. You should phone, fax or E-mail the Directors of Al-Ansaar. However you may study the daily schedule and only listen to what you want to listen.
To listen to any Radio Al-Ansaar claiming to be Muslim or Islaamic all the time is sheer waste of good, valuable time. It will interfere in your individual Ibadaat time and prime family time.
Talk to the directors who claim to be always ready for suggestions.

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Answered on December 23, 2012 12:47 pm