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I have two questions. (1) I (female) and my family are trying for a long long time for my marriage, but nothing seems to work. We do get approached by good matches, and they also like my picture and education etc. but obstacles come up and the other party lose interest in me. It has been happening for several years and I am tired of sending my pic to several people for marriage and trying to figure out what goes wrong. I’m educated, mature, but now I have lost self-confidence and respect. I consult my family members at every step, and they agree with me that I’m not doing anything inappropriate which cause others to not pursue marriage with me. People take interest but it doesnt get to the next stage of formal proposal. It feels like no one wants to accept me as a wife. I and my family have tried numerous wazeefas (also from the book on your website), I have been regular with namaz etc. But no hopes. During my wazeefas, new people approach us, I also like them, but again, it leads to nothing; that is no proposal. This is going on for all these years, and now I am crossing my marriage age. I am very terrified Mufti Sahab. There is nothing frightening for a woman than a thought of being single forever. I’m really really scared. I am now starting to believe there is some bandish on my shaadi. We contacted one respectable imam of a masjid who also provides taweezat, and we know him from several years (he does this for no charge). He mentioned that there is bandish/ gardish in my shaadi. I dont know what it means but his taweezat are not fruitful either. We have cruel relatives (enemies) who never want us to be happy and they taunt us on my situation. Since I made every effort for my marriage, I think there is some bandish or rukawat made in my marriage. What should I do? Assuming someone has drawn bandish (or magic) on my marriage, what can I do or read to get rid of its effects?
(2) On a religious TV program, one well-known mufti suggested to read surah maryam for 40 days for marriage. Should I continue this wazeefa during period (haiz) by reading it on my computer without touching the Quran? Or discontinue during Haiz and start counting the days where I left off after haiz? Also, on your website there is one wazeefa which says to recite surah furqan ayat 54. I remember it by heart. Can I recite it during period?
Please make special dua for my marriage. It will be very kind of you.

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Asked on September 18, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Read Manzil everyday, blow on water, let some spittle go in and drink also read Surah Baqarah aloud in the house for 40 days. If any barriers, all will break
2) Suspend during haiz, best continue counting when purity begins.

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Answered on September 18, 2010 12:00 am