Duaa for a good spouse

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Assalam o Alaikum!
i am a young woman reaching at the age of 31 but still not married only due to the reason that my parents never took interest in arranging my marriage.neither they are worried for my more age nor ready to settle my marriage.sometimes my mother talks about my marriage but no proper initiated is being taken.when i was under 30s lot of proposals were there for me but my parents and brother never considered them.i have become very weak physically due to this extended delay in my marriage because there is a lot of social pressure on me.everybody asks me why you are still unmarried and i have no answer for this.all the time i think how would i spend the whole life alone?i am unable to understand why my parents wasted the cruicial period of my marriage when it was the best time for me to get married and i had lot of opportunities and good proposals?why they did this with me?why do they still not ready for that?my father is so much careless in this matter that he never tries to search for a proposal for me?if the family will not search a proposal then who will settle this issue?this thing hurts me a lot.i am facing physicological problems .now one proposal have come after a long time but they refused due to age factor.this made me more hurt.May God forgive me for that but due to these circumstances i have become very against my father.whenever he comes in front of me i start remembering all the tough time which came in my life only due to his negligence in setteling my marriage.i faced lot of problems which i can’t share with anyone due to this long bachelorhood.there is great insecurity around me.i am a working lady and desire to leave the job and looking for a husband who could provide shelter to me.i am very helpless and insecure.i do many wazaifs.when in different islamic websites i see many unmarried girls complaining that they are doing lot of wazaifs for so many years but still not got married then i become more scared.i have great faith in Allah but my circumstances are getting worst and panic for me day by day which makes me frustrated and irritated and sometimes i find myself offering namaz and asking dua with empty mind due to great depression.my family cousins and friends,colleagues and neighbours always test my nerves by asking all the time about my marriage.none asks my father.all the social pressure is on me.i am very insecure in my office and family as when the male heads of family are so much careless about their female dependents then the other males consider such woman for their entertainment.the envoirnment of home is so unsupportive that if i bring these things into their notice they will rather blame me that i am responsible.i am a person of weak nerves and very sensitive since my childhood.i can’t face these problems anymore.either i will get mad or commit suicide.please pray for me as you pray for your sister or daughter because my father and brothers never prayed for me for my marriage or safety of my ezzat.also tell me the strong wazifa and duas for a good spouse and also for the change of my continous bad time.do remember me in your prayers.

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Asked on October 10, 2010 12:00 am
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You are coping very well. However, go to our publications section and read 'Tried (see direct link below) and tested methods of seeking a spouse' choose a formula of your choice and read.
Read Salaat regularly and read 'La hawla wala Quwata....' alot.
We will make Duaa also Insha -Allaah.
Avoid blaming others, forgive them.
Allaah will open a way for you.

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Answered on October 10, 2010 12:00 am